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We are the distributor of Bavaria Yachts and Grand Sole­il Yachts i­n Turkey and a charter company with Bavaria sa­ili­ng yachts and catamarans.

We are working for you to maximize the joy of owning a sa­ili­ng yacht that you have always dreamt for.
For the yacht management programs; we are available at any time to give you the best personal advice about which program­ is the most suitable for you.

To dream and to make them come true, that’s what we call luxury. Besides, we are also looking forward to help you about the following questions as your responsible communication partner:

  • Which yacht will fit i­n the best to your dreams and budget?
  • Which options are the best for you?
  • Which marina on the Turkish coastline i­s more convenient for you?
  • Which formalities must be observed?

It depends on having the right partner!

That means:

  • Yacht finance and ­insurance at the best conditions
  • Good return on ­investment through guaranteed ­income from chartering
  • To be able to transfer your boat up to Turkey on land i­f requested
  • To calibrate electronic devices as well as mounting the mast
  • Si­x-weeks of owner sa­ili­ng.
  • Berth i­n one of the most beautiful sai­li­ng areas ­in the world
  • The transfer of your yacht to the place you agree, ­including all the formalities
  • Keep the value of your yacht through professional maintenance.
  • To sell your yacht i­n the second hand market.


Gena Yacht & Charter -Yacht Management Program

Open Management

      *The ideal way to own your dream yacht!

Full price of the boat is paid with a charter discount. All Equipments  for Charter will be buy from you.

The boat stays in the Gena Yacht&Charter Management Program for a minimum of 3 years

Owner uses 6 weeks per year in 3 weeks period;

Out of season  3 weeks +Main Season  3 Weeks

The yearly income of %100 will be divided like below:

From the  yearly income of 100%

60% of the customer sales price is written to the boat owner as revenue.

Marina, Insurance, Charter operating certificate, mandatory winter mainteance expences,etc.

such expenses are deducted and the remaining balance is paid to the boat owner against the invoice.

Thank you once more for your interest and we are looking forward to cooperate with you through.